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 Core Raiding Group.

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PostSubject: Core Raiding Group.   Sat Oct 29, 2011 12:26 pm

Hello all, here is the basic idea for the Guilds brand new Raiding group! Very Happy

So, the two main tanks who will be priority selected are: Timoria (Me), and Elemira (Durbog)
Other tanks will include Teutates, and some others but i will update this if anymore come along
Main Healers so far will be: Azelan and Plalgn (Undbitr), i am considering Queliax but not sure if he will be on enough
The dps will be: Incentarus, Clab, occasionally me if teutates wants to tank, Xico (when he is back), Malfus, Roselyne, Twincharger (in the case that clab is not on- shared account) We will select the ones we need from these, if there are more who i have missed point them out to me Smile
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Core Raiding Group.

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